Website is an imperative component to one's business of today. It does not only communicates the idea of your foundation and core products or services, but also plays a crucial role in branding and identity. We at CUDEC understands that and we are here not just to give you a spectacular design but also one that meets the requirements of your business.

We extend beyond ordinary website development, we look for deeper solutions that can be integrated to your business. Think of a website as your front cover of a book, what makes it truly interesting is the content that is offered. We at CUDEC are able to offer you any possible solutions that you wish to integrate to your website. Check out our visualization section, which is a part of our CUDEC INNOVATE solution.

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Mobile devices such as our phones are an integral part of our modern life, it has become so essential that individuals and businesses alike are reliant on one or more mobile application to aid in their daily needs and operation. The internet is now accessed by more mobile devices than any other means.

The application of mobile software has unlimited potential to cater for all sort of industries, be it in the medical field, commerce, gaming, education, marketing, military, and just about anything you can think of.

We at CUDEC explores the countless possibilities of mobile application to be integrated to your lifestyle needs, be it personal or business. As long as you can name it, there is nothing that we at CUDEC cannot fulfill for you.

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3D software and technology has one of the most complex and dynamic nature, years after years improvements has been made to both hardware and software at an increasing pace. Our mobile devices has become so powerful that we are able to run full-fledged 3D applications like never before.

The application of 3D programming applies to all forms of devices that supports it, be it your website, mobile application, and etc. Check out our visualization section, which is a part of our CUDEC INNOVATE solution that features some of our 3D application on the web to know more.



Marketing has always been an essential element in one's business, be it done conventionally or digitally. In this age of technology and fiber optics, data is being transmitted at an unprecedented level, making digital marketing a more crucial form of advertisement for its effectiveness and speed of delivery as compared to its conventional counterpart.

Thanks to the invention of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, etc. and their intelligent algorithms, advertisement is being delivered to users at a high level of relevancy which way outweighs the cost involved.

See how we at CUDEC can help you grow with SEO and Google Adwords, the most preferred choice of digital marketing method that will most definitely increase the value of your business both in the short and long-run.

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Find something that does not fit in the mould of both website and mobile application? Or perhaps a solution that requires an alternative approach? This is where custom application fits in.

A custom software employs all other means of design and coding to achieve your requirements and goals, these are what we call proprietary development whereby the software is made specifically to cater to your needs. They are different from off-the-shelf market solution in terms that they are highly customized and uses the technology of choice by the developers.

To develop a highly sophisticated custom software, a process must be put in place that enables proper communication and feedback, we at CUDEC understands that and we are here to help you make your dream application or software come true.



Our visual perception in general is one or the most essential element in our life, all variants and manner of creative colors or graphics stimulates our mind in an artistic sense. If blended correctly, it creates a visual so stunning that it seizes to escape from our imagination.

Creative thinking has always been our strong suite at CUDEC, hence we employ the best tools to give you the latest in-trend graphics that will most definitely leave a great impression.