CUDEC (Cudec Sdn. Bhd.) is a software development company established in the year 2010. CUDEC started off in the early days as a one man team developing proprietary software for the financial industry focusing on analysis and automated-trading platforms. Soon after, the company moved towards the development of websites and gradually grown into a team of highly inspired individuals. For many years CUDEC has been specializing in web development and its related technologies until a new profound interest were garnered towards the research efforts in the fields of artifical and virtual reality. Today, CUDEC is not just involved in the field of research and development of websites but also in mobile related application, 3D related programming, and custom proprietary software for all industries.

OUR DESIGNS ARE BASED ON OUR S.E.E.D. PRINCIPLE Through the many years of website research and development, we at CUDEC is placing ourselves in the upper range of the market spectrum by offering various services from intermediate to premium standards. To ensure that we offers the value as advocated, we strive to create engaging content, effective marketing messages, dynamic and interactive elements, sophisticated UI/UX, and many more following the latest methodologies and up-to-date designs.

PREVIOUS LOGO PRIOR TO THE YEAR 2016 CUDEC has also ventured into the field of digital marketing, specializing in Google Adwords and its related content development such as videography. Besides, CUDEC is also equipped with the knowledge and know-how to perform long-term SEO (search engine optimization). By conforming to the latest guidelines and other necessary practices set out by the most popular search engine in the world, we at CUDEC can ensure that a website managed by us will increase by ranking over the long-run until it reaches the placement and visibility of your goal.


The strength of our team lies with not just the experience of each individual but also the diversity and dedication of each member in their passion as their job. Check out our short biography below to know us better.


He is a talented and experienced software engineer and programmer of more than a decade. Built his first automated trading software when he was 18, active GitHub contributor and an avid inventor of sorts. He has been involved in hundreds of projects both for mega corporations & individuals alike.


Our SEO and Google specialist. Has ample of experience working with various organizations. She is in-charged of not just our branding online but also within our office space, giving us a cheerful and wonderful ambient & environment to spend our time in.


Our mobile developer specialist. Has 2 winning awards for both most innovative invention and young developer entrepreneur back in 2015.


Our professional in web related programmer. He has joined various multicorporations developing and utilizing existing platforms for large projects.


Young passionate programming professional. Has experience working for a large multinational company spearheading critical mission software. He works with most of our 3D related software and other more esoteric applications.


Our youngest member who are handling all of our design, 3D modeling and rendering work. Talented individual who has the dream of creating a great artwork someday.


Our photographer and videographer, he is in-charged of capturing all of our client's precious moments that can be placed within their website and etc. Besides, he is a dedicated individual who loves to spend his time making and editing videos as his hobby and clients alike.