CUDEC (Cudec Sdn. Bhd.) is a software development company established in 2007. CUDEC started off in the early days as a small team developing proprietary software for the financial industry focusing on analysis and automated-trading platforms. Soon after, the company moved towards expanding their development services to other areas, such as websites and mobile applications, and gradually into more sophisticated domain expert systems. For many years, CUDEC has been specializing in software development and is involved in various recent technologies such as big data storage and analysis, artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, AR/VR and others. Today, CUDEC is a full-fledged team with decades of experience capable of delivering any software project for your business needs in almost any industry.


CUDEC based its system architecture and design on our C.U.D.E.C. principle. Our CORE / CONTENT are based on 4 important pillars, namely USER-FRIENDLY, DYNAMIC, ENGAGING and CREATIVE.

CORE / CONTENT is our primary principle in which all our system architecture and design must be resourceful and filled with relevant information. No matter the type of software needed, an application must consist the level of depth sufficient to make it practical and engaging.

USER FRIENDLY emphasizes the need for our design to be intuitive. Based on various studies, a minimal UI/UX that encapsulates layers of complexity is always preferable than something that clutters the eye upon seeing. This crucial fact forms the basis of our many designs which displays simplicity under a layer of extended functionalities.

DYNAMIC talks about the need of a system to be operational. To expand in a more technical perspective, this principle guides our system to be design and coded not just based on the client's requirements but also following best practises and specifications. This enables the system to be scaled and deployed depending on and upon various constraints and scenarios.

ENGAGING in our context can be explained in 2 different ways, it forms the pillar of knowledge and curiosity. When we talk about curiosity, it is mainly self-explanatory and tells how our design are able to captivate the attention of its intended viewers. As for knowledge, it is imperative how our systems are designed to educate the users intuitively at first use and as they progresses.

CREATIVE forms the last pillar in our principle. It is no surprise that most of our clients has their own identity when it comes to their business, from simple coloration to profound structures. We empower our creativity by suggesting concepts and ideas in align with with our client's identity and requirements, think of it like having a minimal logical constraint to express our endless imagination.


We are officially announcing ourselves as Digital Explorers. What are Digital Explorers? We are people who continuously seek to explore new boundaries of the digital landscape by venturing and experimenting on the latest technological concepts, ideas and theories. Why do we do that? Because we believe the future will be driven by innovative digital technology such as AI and automation for the betterment of humanity. How can someone who does not have the technical know-how be apart of it? It's easy, simply embrace a technological way of life and continuously explore how technology can enhance yourself and your surroundings.


Gamification or more precisely is the application of game/fun elements to other areas of activity. In the digital context, gamification is used extensively in marketing related activities as to incentivise a specific objective. In today's modern world, gaming has become a norm for almost anyone with an electronic device. An electronic game is just like any other leisure activity, it stimulates the brain to feel nice as you enjoy the fun experience.

We are on a mission to gamify various digital application and processes by making it fun and enjoyable. Even if something is mundane and repetitive, as long as a gaming element is implemented to it properly can assist in encouraging participation and retaining it's initial purpose. For example, learning can be difficult and boring to many however if a game is made to illustrate the necessary facts and points, people will learn its essence easier from the gaming experience itself. Another more practical example is in a call centre, a company may implement a form of "leaderboard" where all operators can see their "statistics" and "ranking" updated in real-time everytime they finish a call with a caller. This process incentivise the operators to fulfill the needed KPI to stay on the leaderboard.